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We are a full-service law firm based in San Francisco and specializing in solving our clients’ unique legal problems through smart, innovative, and cost-effective solutions. Whether we are driving litigation, forming a business, resolving a dispute, or negotiating a deal, our clients’ goals always come first  – not our billable hours.


Recent Updates

Moscone Emblidge & Otis combines with Javid Rubens to form Moscone Emblidge & Rubens LLP

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January 1, 2020 – The lawyers of Moscone Emblidge & Otis and Javid Rubens are pleased to announce their merger, effective January 1, 2020. Together, Moscone Emblidge & Rubens is a 10-person, full-service law firm combining the deep experience in administrative law, land use, public entity representation, and commercial and business litigation from the Moscone team, with the strong background of the Javid Rubens team in M&A work, corporate governance and structuring, early stage financing and strategic transactions, outside general counsel services, and intellectual property.



Lawyers tend to talk a lot and give a lot of stock advice.

Remarkably, they often don’t take the time to listen or to ask questions, like “what’s really important to you in this deal,” or “what would be the best outcome for you in this conflict?” That’s because too many lawyers substitute their judgment for yours. They provide legal advice without prioritizing your business or public policy goals. And the results are predictable: Excessive costs, cases that drag on indefinitely, and deals that languish for years.

We believe that a legal strategy should fit your goals, not the other way around. Whether you’re applying for a building permit, working through a partnership dispute, or facing a litigation threat, we make sure to understand your business first so that our actions never threaten your larger objectives or your relationships.

We believe in a straightforward and pragmatic approach to legal issues. Why line up ten expert witnesses when you only need one articulate and credible guru? Why turn a simple term sheet into a twenty-page manifesto? We staff our cases leanly and only perform work that advances your legal priorities.

And we believe in making lifelong clients. Most of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals from existing clients and other lawyers. That’s because we manage our cases cost-effectively, work hard to earn our clients’ trust, and treat our clients’ businesses, deals, and policy objectives, as our own.

Can working with a lawyer be pleasant and rewarding? We think so. Give us a try.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING: Results depend on factors unique to each matter.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.