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General Corporate

Many successful small businesses, closely-held private companies, family-owned businesses, and US subsidiaries of major foreign companies can manage operations and grow thriving enterprises without keeping permanent in-house lawyers on their payrolls. These businesses count on us to provide an efficient, on-demand resource to help their managers and officers negotiate contracts, manage board meetings and shareholder communications, assess product and marketing risk, and respond to other legal issues as they arise.

On-Demand General Counsel

Many of our clients are closely-held private companies with small senior management teams and no need or desire for a full-time general counsel or in-house legal department. For these clients, our firm can provide efficient services at a reasonable, mid-market hourly rate, and can serve as a true outsourced general-counsel on demand, stepping in on short notice to review a new contract or provide immediate legal input and review on a problem that has arisen. We frequently attend and document board meetings, and we provide input and advice to these companies’ directors and senior management.

We also represent small and mid-market private companies in business transactions and general corporate and intellectual property matters, and assist senior management teams with all legal needs, from negotiating and closing the acquisition of a competitor to maintaining the corporate books and stock records, conducting annual board and shareholder meetings, maintaining and policing the business’s registered trademarks, and managing disputes with vendors, suppliers, and customers.

For clients seeking a more fixed commitment and regular availability, we can provide a fixed number of days per month (once per week, once every other week, etc.) for a fixed monthly fee. Please contact us to discuss terms and details.

U.S. Counsel Services for Foreign Entities

Businesses based outside the US count on us to provide critical legal counsel for their US-based operations. This may be in connection with a particular transaction in the US or to assist with ongoing legal issues connected with launching or expanding their American ventures.

For all these clients we offer an efficient way to manage US-based legal risk in concert with the work being done by their local, domestic counsel. We do this at manageable monthly fixed rates, based on negotiated flat fees for certain projects, and at reasonable mid-range hourly rates.